Winter Appalachian Trail – Day 41 (18 miles)

Winter Appalachian Trail – Day 41 (18 miles)

I woke up at the hostel at 6.30. Why can I not sleep in! I got up, had a shower, eat the pizza I could not finish last night and went back to bed to watch you tube.
I wanted to hold off on getting out on trail in order to let my foot heal a little more, but it actually felt pretty good. I therefore decided to just head out.

The weather forecast for today was fairly miserable to say the least. 3-4 inches of snow, but the temperature was around freezing so it might be freezing rain instead.

I got a lift back out to the trail with the hostel manager and then began the 2,000ft (600m) climb into the mountains. It was dry when I started but that only lasted half an hour. It started to rain, which changed into sleet and hail, and then to snow.
Unlike yesterday’s downpour, it was very light. Infact it did not even snow half an inch and cleared up around 3pm. So much for the 3-4 inches predicted.
It ranged between beautiful flakes softly falling from the sky which managed to provide a slight contrast of white to the landscape, to wind driven snow that I had to protect my eyes from.

It was then time to head way down and lose all the elevation that I had gained this morning. It was a fairly gentle terrain and I just zoned out and enjoyed the landscape. The light snow on the ground turned to a dusting and eventually disappeared entirely.

An extra hour walking around a reservoir and I arrived at the shelter with half an hour of daylight left. I contemplated going on – my foot was feeling better but not fantastic – but thought better of it.

I hunkered down early and was drifting off to sleep as the sun lit up the sky.

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