Winter Appalachian Trail – Day 58 (27 miles)

Winter Appalachian Trail – Day 58 (27 miles)

I woke up feeling fresh after yesterday’s four state challenge. Why couldn’t I feel like this then?

It started pouring rain yesterday and did not stop overnight. It must have dumped 1 to 2 inches in the meantime. I did not want to pack up in the rain and put it off for 30 minutes.

Packing my wet tarp into my pack, I set off. Some of yesterday’s heat remained and I walked comfortably with my poncho over my shirt.

The river that I camped near was rather high and not that far form breaking its banks. This creek had a footbridge, but not all did today. A couple of times I had to wade knee deep in order to ford them.

Today turned out to be extremely easy walking with only a few small climbs mixed into the predominantly flat trail. Pennsylvania did put in a couple of rocky sections that the state is particularly renoun for in its northern reaches.

I did notice all the green today. Some of the shrubs from earlier in the trail were back, a few patches of fir and so much moss made a bit of a difference to the monotony of the last week or so.

I have to add that the level of trash since leaving the Shenandoah NP as been particularly bad. Not only the normal amount of microtrash, but full trash bags, hot hand and rappers have been far to consistant. Please pack out what you pack in, and think about picking a bit extra up along the way.

The rain tapered off as the day progressed and by mid afternoon it had stopped. A drop in temperature followed the rain and by the time I made camp it had dropped to 20F (-6C). I stopped for an afternoon snack at a state park and utilised their heated toilet for the occasion. What have I become!

I actually met a few people today. Two of which were setting up camp for the day as I approached. They were a farther and son duo that were having their last training run for their AT Thru Hike start next week. We talked for half an hour before I continued on.

I lay out my sleeping bag in one of the nicest shelters I’ve seen to date. It actually has bunks.
Tomorrow should be fun with 3-6 inches of snow predicted.

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