Winter Appalachian Trail – Day 66 (10 miles)

Winter Appalachian Trail – Day 66 (10 miles)

I woke up to a soaking wet sleeping bag from the overnight condensation. Luckily my synthetic overquilt has captured almost all of that moisture and has left my warmer down bag dry. I love this system!

I was meeting up with Kegan / @kegstandview in Palmerton at 2pm.He is a local that has very kindly offered to give me a lift to the bus stop so I can head on in to New York for a few days while I wait for the @wizzsisters to catch up.

I sat around in the shelter and daydreamed for a little while before getting bored and hitting the trail. All the rain from the last few days has gone, leaving a lovely blue sky behind and a very wet trail underfoot. In fact the trail has been temporarily been converted into a mountain creek. Who says that Pennsylvania is dry!

The terrain was very similar to the last few days – rather flat with a few overly rocky sections. I did notice that the knee that I twisted yesterday was a little stiff, and since that I had a lot of extra time before meeting with Kegan I took it easy over the rocks and enjoyed myself as I searched out the ocasional view down into the valley.

I got down to the valley and crossed the Lehigh River, before walking 1 mile next to the trainline into town. When I made it to Palmerton I headed straight for the local pizza shop and began devouring some much needed calories as I wrote yesterday’s journal.

When Kegan arrived, we headed back to his house for dinner. He manages a high end cheese farm and I he spread out their products for a taste test. A britty good pre-dinner snack!

After dinner we watched a couple of wildlife documentaries before I fell asleep on their couch. NYC tomorrow then!

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