Winter Appalachian Trail – Day 80 (16 miles)

Winter Appalachian Trail – Day 80 (16 miles)

I woke up at 3am to the start of our third north-east storm in the last week. However, this storm was the problem of future me and I went back to sleep until morning.

When we finally did leave, I found the snow was the wet, cold type. I slowly added more layers until I was warm while moving, though for some reason I packed my gloves away deep in my bag and did not want to stop and retrieve them.

It did not take long before mine and the @wizzsisters rain jackets started to wet out – I am yet again so happy I brought along my poncho!

I am also glad we are in New York. The state has such a high density it feels like we are walking through people’s backyards, but right at this moment, it meant a deli was just off trail. Detour? I think so!

After eating, it was time to work out how to get into the actual town and a supermarket to resupply. We needed to hitch on a major highway and we didn’t like the idea in a blizzard, so we called for a taxi instead (my first time ever!). At the supermarket, we resupplied and had a second lunch as we watched the snow come down outside. It appeared that the intensity of the storm was diminishing and we hoped it might end soon.

We were all still so tired from yesterday’s huge effort, that it took maybe an hour before we were packed and ready to go. By this time the snow had almost stopped and we decided to try our luck hitching. A Jamaican guy ended up giving us a lift to the trail. He came to the US as a 16yo just after his mother died – it must have been a rough transition.

After only a mile we ran into a guy out for his afternoon walk across the farmland. We stopped and talked with him for a minute before he offered us a bed for the night. We declined that but then he said at least come back for some hot corn chowder. Both Mark and his wife were interesting people and we stayed there for an hour chatting to them. It also seem to give us all a bit more spirit.

The storm was over when we left, and it was also an easy 5 miles (8km) to our shelter as the Mark had tracked it out since the previous huge storm.

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