Winter Appalachian Trail – Day 81 (20 miles)

Winter Appalachian Trail – Day 81 (20 miles)

Can I say we had an easy day today? It also turned into a resonable morale booster.

It started of walking down to the Housatonic River and following it for a couple of hours. It was not only flat but had patches of dry ground! It has been a while. We all strolled along so excited to have some easy trail for a change.

It was then time to climb back I to the hills. Here, again, it was easier than we expected. The snow on the ground was mainly low enough to walk through easily as it only exceeded 6 inches for a few short sections.
On the last hill before dropping down to the river again we spotted, from a great overlook, a small snow shower heading our way.

The descent turned out to be our only trouble of the day. It was steep, rocky and had a slippery combination of snow and leaves. We took it slow but still skidded out of control a few times.

Down by the river we quickly walked the last 3 miles to our shelter for the night. It was mid afternoon and we discussed pushing on but that snow shower kind of decided for us.

Rat, Ant and I talked for the afternoon and played a few high school pen and paper games to pass the time before night fell. It was a bit unusual to be in my sleeping bag this early, but my body sure needed it. It gave me enough time to massarge my calf out that has been giving me problems since “that” storm.
Oh, we saw an eagle swoop low past our shelter a few times!

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