Winter Appalachian Trail – Day 82 (23 miles)

Winter Appalachian Trail – Day 82 (23 miles)

As I was packing up inside the shelter next to the Hustinatic River, I was surprised to find that it had snowed a couple of inches overnight. I could not complain as I really enjoy the fresh snow that hangs on every branch.

We had a few miles of easy walking along the river before we headed back into the mountains. After almost no snow of consequence yesterday, it was fun to be back in the deep stuff – at least for a little while. The snow slowly got deeper as the morning progressed. It started as as a few inches along the river and then mid shin heading up the into the mountains, then it was over a foot and later in the day was regularly back to 1-1.5ft with an occasional deep section.

Around mid morning we hit a decent  stream crossing and a note that said there was a mile road walk around. We decided to take the road walk mainly for a hot breakfast from a gas station rather then get wet fording the stream. On the roadwalk back to the trail I did have an amusing encounter with a couple of ladies today; a car pulled off and they asked if I wrote this blog, asked to take a photo and then just drove off.
As we got back on trail the clouds finally cleared and it warmed up to a stunning winters day. I was a bit cold this morning. It was right in between layers and I chose to be cold rather than overheat. But once the sun came out it was amazing and I continuously put sunscreen on in order to not burn.

The rest of the day was spent snowshoeing, or at least should have been. About a mile from the road into our next resupply stop of Salisbury my one of my snowshoes fell off my foot. I looked down to find that a bit of the plastic binding had snapped and was unfixable. Damn!
There was nothing for it, I postholed the last half an hour until reaching the road into town.
Could Salisbury be the most friendly trail town that I have ever been in? Within minutes of being in town we were offered a bed for the night at a locals place. There were also a couple of dozen people that stopped to speak to us. They were all so amazingly kind!

After dinner in town we headed back to Deb’s (?) house for a shower and bed. On the way to her house we got an extensive driving tour of the town, its history and the people of the community. Deb was a lovely older lady but could sure talk, I’m not sure Ant, Rat or I got a word in all night.

I have a couple of problems that need to be addressed: I also got to ice my achilles. It is not holding up to snowshoeing and is swollen to the size of a golf ball. And (which, ironically, might help) my broken snowshoes.

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