Zion NP – Day 2

Zion NP, Day 2 (~20 miles): The rain that cleared yesterday came back during the night. I had to set my Hexamid tarp up at some ungodly hour.

This did make my day cool and allowed me to not worry about water with plenty of normally dry washes actually running. I continued along the Zion Traverse with only one detour weird loop that I thought randomly took the less scenic view along the mesa rather than the Traverse that followed along the rim of a beautiful canyon.

With the big and only climb out of the main canyon completed yesterday, it was predominantly a slow downhill all day today and therefore fast and easy. I got to enjoy the views down into the valley and these big open views along the mesas.

The rest of the park is bloody good and people should get out here more and not just stay in the main canyon.
I managed to get into Kolob Canyon and spent the night there. I was surprised that no one was around until I found out that the road into the area is closed for repairs.

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