Zion NP – Day 3

Zion NP – Day 3

I woke up cold and found my quilt saturated by condensation. I took my jacket, that I had been using as a pillow and poked my legs into it to keep them warm. I’ve always had this in my mind as an option but never actually done it up to now.

I headed up La Verkin Creek Trail, one of the biggest side trips that I have had to do to hike all the trails in Zion NP. It was a lovely trail that wandered its way up a canyon and was around 4 miles in and the same back.

I then went to finish off the Zion Traverse with another detour up a canyon that took just under 2 hours.
It was then a road walk out to the highway. I needed to hitch back around to the main canyon, but first had a stop for this random trail that was in the middle of nowhere and took another 4 hours to complete.

I camped just as I was getting back to the highway. In hindsight, I should have hitched then rather than trying to hitch in the morning as no one was up at 5.30 when I normally rise.

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