Zion NP – Day 4

Zion NP – Day 4

This was a good day as I spent most of it wandering around in Zion Canyon and relaxing either in a meadow or by a creek.

I could not get a ride back into the park so I decided to walk the hour into Springdale and catch the bus to Zion Canyon. Once in the canyon, I slowly walked up and simply enjoyed the views and the stunning scenery. It also made me giddy to get climbing again – oh, how I miss it!

I ended up not making a lot of ground during the day but wanted to be there to see the sun start setting and how that would transform the canyon. It was awesome! And so worth it! I was like a kid in a candy store as every twist of the trail following the river presented a better view down the canyon.

As the sun faded, I made my way back up the east rim to pick up a trail I missed the first day. It was on a mesa and I ended up night hiking it to sleep out of the park.

Tomorrow I will retrace my steps back to the East Rim Trailhead and then try and hitch out of here.

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